Experience Unmatched Goose Hunting in the Texas Panhandle with Foldin’ Fowl Outdoors

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding beauty of the Texas Panhandle and West Texas, where the horizons come alive with descending geese. Whether you’re near Lubbock, Texas or venturing into the heart of West Texas, a goose hunt with Foldin’ Fowl Outdoors guarantees unforgettable memories.

Goose Species Overview

Goose Species in the Texas Panhandle

West Texas, especially the Texas Panhandle, is a hotspot for an array of goose species. The resounding calls of the Lesser Canadian Geese and the pure elegance of Snow Geese turn the skies near Lubbock, Texas into a mesmerizing avian spectacle.  While we primarily hunt for Lessers and Specklebelly Geese, we do occasionally see a Snow Goose mixed in.

Lesser Canadian Goose

Lesser Canadian Goose

Renowned for its presence in large flocks across North America.

Specklebelly Goose

Specklebelly Geese
(White-Fronted Geese)

Identify them by their unique black wingtips and distinct call.

Snow Goose

Snow Geese

Including the Ross’s goose variant. Admired for their pristine white plumage contrasting with dark legs and feet.

Egyptian Goose

Rare Sightings

Occasionally, Egyptian geese and other varieties can be spotted, making Texas a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Foldin' Fowl Goose Hunt Package

All Packages Will Include:

   One professionally guided hunt per day
  Professionally trained hunting dog
  Decoys and blinds

Packages Do Not Include:

   Airfare and other travel
   Required state and federal licensing

Texas Goose Hunting Regulations

Essential Texas Goose Season Info & Regulations

When is Goose Hunting Season in Texas?

For an unparalleled goose hunting experience in West Texas and near Lubbock, stay updated with the Texas goose season and key dates. Goose hunting season typically runs from November through early February.

Texas Goose Bag Limits for Dark Geese

- Daily Bag Limit: 5 birds (No more than 2 white-fronted geese).
- Possession Limit: 3 times daily bag.

Texas Goose Bag Limits for Light Geese

- Daily Bag Limit: 10 birds.
- Possession Limit: None.

Licensing Information

- A valid hunting license is mandatory for all migratory game bird hunters.
- The Texas Migratory Game Bird Stamp Endorsement is essential for goose hunting in Texas.
- Waterfowl hunters aged 16 and above must possess a valid Federal Duck Stamp and HIP Certification.

Reservations & Licensing


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